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Couple Counselling

Our relationships are important. Relationships can improve our lives… but they can also make us unhappy.

When this happens, a Relationship Counsellor at Counselling and Therapy Scotland can help.

A relationship might involve a romantic partner, friends, or family. You might have been together for a short time. Or for many years. One party may be more inclined towards therapy than the other.

At Counselling and Therapy Scotland, your counsellor will listen with empathy and understanding. Together we’ll identify a way forward.

Counselling involves talking about feelings, and this can seem daunting. But it’s easier with an experienced facilitator who is trained to encourage communication about sadness or pain, betrayal, infidelity or trauma. Talking about our experiences makes it easier to understand them and to see the road ahead.

Your counsellor won’t tell you what to do. The decision to make changes will be yours, but our input will make your options clearer, helping you make more insightful and aware choices.

Relationship Counselling doesn’t promise to fix everything… but it will help you to achieve a deeper understanding of your relationship, youself and of your partner too. It often encourages people to discover new aspects of themselves, including strengths they didn’t know about.

Relationship counselling may seem like the last chance at making things work… but it is often the first step to lasting happiness!

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