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Psychodynamic Counselling

Psychodynamic Counselling is a form of talking therapy which seeks to make sense of issues or  problems in living by taking  you the client back to the events and people in the past that have shaped who you are, to understand the ways in which the past is affecting the way you are living your life in the present.  

We have all experienced the frustration of making the same mistake again and again, unable, it would appear, to make the changes we would like to see in our lives.

Psychodynamic counselling creates the strong boundaries and a safe space necessary to explore in a secure and ethical way, the things in your past which you perhaps have felt unable to revisit or even approach, but are perhaps having an unwelcome impact on your life. 


Childhood trauma, PTSD, burnout, anxiety and depression are just some of the fields in which Psychodynamic Counselling can have a major, positive impact on your life.  

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