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Young People's Counselling

When experiencing issues that are troubling them, children and young people, may benefit
from working with a counsellor in order to provide support.

We would work with the young person to build a relationship where he/she feels safe and is able to talk about how he/she is experiencing the current challenges.

Issues, such as bereavement, illness, separation or any other significant life event may require such support. The effect of not addressing the impact of such events may result in low mood, anxiety, peer isolation, self-harming behaviours and general changes in behaviour.

Counselling can help the young person with such challenges by providing a space in which
the young person can express and process feelings in a safe way with an attuned adult.

Very often these unexpressed feelings manifest themselves in acting out behaviours both at
home and in school, neither of which benefits the young person in any way.

All work between the young person and the counsellor is completely confidential but
parents would be informed of any potential risk.

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