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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

As adults, we all know how life can be, coasting along one minute and the next things start to  unravel and before we know it, we’re overwhelmed, lost. Some of us haven't bounced back after the pandemic and lockdown. For some, we’ve maybe been just holding it together, and then something happens and we can’t carry on the way we were just managing to do. Perhaps you've experienced a major life event; birth of a child, marriage, loss. 

There is help, something can be done, and you are not alone. We’re encouraged to believe we should go it alone, that we shouldn’t need to ask for help. But as humans we group together for support and when we are finding things tough, we reach out, it’s how we are designed.

At Counselling and Therapy Scotland, we want you to know, that if you can get to this point, we can meet you here, come alongside you, and work together to find a way forward. Whatever has been going on, however things have been coming undone, we can help put it back together again. We will explore what has been going on for you, discover things about you that maybe you hadn't thought of, didn't realise, gradually we'll start joining the dots, you'll start tp experience real power, real control real wellbeing

CBT can offer ways of understanding our behaviours, offer strategies to change how we are living our lives and track your progress so that you can feel fully empowered throughout the therapeutic process.

We are ready and  able to help, whatever the difficulty, whether sudden difficulties or long-term effects of trauma, we’re here for you, and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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