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Body Mind Integration Workshops 

A series of workshops including Tai Chi/Chuan, Nutrition and You, Creative Writing, Dance, Art, and Trauma 101, designed to help you to reintegrate, reconnect and rediscover YOU.


We’re incredibly clever.


Our bodies are designed to keep us safe… but that might not always be possible.


When you’re distressed, your brain will disconnect from your body- during lockdown, many of us, in fact possibly all of us to varying degrees may have experienced this body/mind disconnect.


This is so that your body’s experiences have a limited effect on the really important stuff in your brain.


This spectacular damage limitation exercise goes on inside us all when we experience trauma or stress.​

At some point we begin to feel ready to start processing what has happened… to connect our mind and body… to join them up again… to heal…


Is this where you are just now?   

Our highly skilled and experienced practitioners want to help you begin your journey of reconnecting your body with your mind.


Maybe you’re already attending therapy… perhaps you’re thinking about it, or maybe you’re not in therapy at all…


Our Body Mind Integration Workshop is available to everyone, wherever you are on your journey.


Let’s start reconnecting, rediscovering and getting back to You.


Trauma 101

  • What is trauma?

  • How do suffering and distress affect your body?

  • Learn what you can DO about how you're feeling

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Tai Chi in Motion

Tai Chi/Chuan

  • A route to exploring and improving balance in body and mind.

  • Improve coordination, concentration, confidence, self-awareness, general fitness and Wellbeing.

  • An absorbing practice developing mental and physical alignment.     Find out more and book...

Susana Dance_edited_edited_edited.png

Dance Movement Therapy

  • Let your heart’s rhythm unite your body and mind

  • Use music to reduce stress and increase wellbeing

  • Gain confidence and increase wellbeing 

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Madeline workshop photo.jpg

Introduction to Nutrition 

  • How does food affect your emotions?

  • Learn how your body influences your eating habits.

  • Begin to understand your body more, and how to mindfully look after it

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Image by Aaron Burden

Writing for Self Discovery

  • Everyone has a story

  • Connect up your physical and emotional experiences, thoughts and memories

  • Find yourself through telling your tale 

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Siji Photo.JPG

Expression Through Art and Creativity 

  • Explore your inner self through different artistic mediums 

  • Use the activities to gain insight into your emotions and experiences   

  • Articulate what you've been through and heal through the creative process

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